Letters to Barley

When done right, dogs not only become our best friends but members of our family. It only stands to reason, then, that those who know us best — in this case, our beloved pets — have the whole story. Enter Letters to Barley.

The letters written to Barley, Wendy Townley’s West Highland White Terrier, cover a wide terrain of topics: a renewed appreciation of Nebraska’s natural beauty, a rediscovery of faith and appreciation for family, a recounting of personal trauma, and a little bit of dog humor for good measure.

Nebraska native Wendy Townley has been writing personally since the third grade, professionally since 1997. Her first book, Nerdy Thirty, was published in 2010.

Barley was born on March 6, 2011, to parents Chip and Cookie. He enjoys tennis balls, chasing rabbits, belly rubs, canned green beans, and popcorn. Barley can’t read or write, but he loves a good story.