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Colorful Stitches for Christmas

Since learning to knit late last year, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to begin knitting pieces for family and friends. (Well, OK. Let me stop right there. Even more exciting than knitting is shopping for yarn. Am I right? So many colors! And textures! And weights! Honestly, my head becomes a just a little dizzy thinking about it.)


But back to the knitting. By the time I mastered the standard knit stitch, it was nearly Valentine’s Day, which meant any knitted gifts for Christmas would have to wait another ten months. So I perfected the basics and my technique, stockpiled yarn to the point of hoarding, subscribed to a million knitting blogs and email newsletters, and yes, even opened the virtual doors to a modest online shop through Etsy.




Fellow knitters, crafters, and DIY-ers can understand my delight when, earlier this year as July became August and the days grew longer, I slowly began planning my knitted gifts for the Christmas season. Given the fact that Christmas is only five days away and I’m fairly certain the recipients of my handiwork read my blog, I’ll keep my lips sealed on the details of the aforementioned gifts. (For now.)


However, I can tell you that after grabbing my eyeglasses each morning I immediately reach for my knitting needles. The past few weeks they’ve rarely been empty. When I’m not knitting, I find myself thinking about knitting.




It’s a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and ignite my creativity. Just shopping for yarn provides enough motivation that I often leave Hancock Fabrics, Michel’s, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft with multiple projects on my to-knit list. When I learned about Lion Brand Yarn’s new Unique yarn, I was drawn by the variety of color and pattern just one skien effortlessly provides.




I began experimenting with a basic scarf. The Unique yarn provided a lighter weight than my trusted Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, but with a gorgeous variety of hues. Rarely have I knitted with needles smaller than US 11, so I was skeptical how the final product would look. Now that my Unique (pun intended) scarf is complete, I couldn’t be happier. The ombre effect is beautiful, the texture is soft, the weight is light, and the stitches are flawless. The red/maroon/navy combination is perfect for the bolder colors of winter; however, I’m eager to try Unique’s other colors in the coming months.




Next month I’ll provide an overview of Lion Brand’s other newer yarn, Heartland.

What’s on your crafting table in these final days before Christmas?


Editor’s note: This blog post was published in collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn. Follow Lion Brand Yarn on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube for more knitting inspiration.