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I'm Wendy Townley: writer, radio personality, and journalism instructor.


Making Kitchen Cleaning Fun Again

Confession: I enjoy cleaning. I treasure tidying. Putting possessions in their proper places provides a domestic bliss I have savored for years.   But the kitchen? After several hours of cooking – or even a quick dinner of tacos or spaghetti – cleaning leaves something to be desired. The spills and splatters that adorn our […]

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When Pepperoni and Tortellini Collide

Around our house during the summer months, a cutting board and sharp knife are always within reach. In some cases, they assume permanent residence on our kitchen counter for days at a time. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs – either from our own backyard garden or Nelson Produce – are breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples. […]

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Candid Camera

bmo372 Tell Pat to stand up
About 1 day ago
patandjt Ha ha ha!!! I feel terrible that you don't get to see my face, not to mention my muscular frame. I'll change that next time.
About 23 hours ago
wendytownley @patandjt Muscular frame?
About 6 hours ago
moodstruckbymissy Simply stunning...
About 6 days ago
cris4763 That looks amazing! #winnerwinner #chickendinner
About 7 days ago
mrsschnoor I did the bird/nest survey prior to construction.
About 1 week ago
amrucker I'm so sad they are ripping these trees out :(
About 1 week ago