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I'm Wendy Townley: writer, radio personality, and journalism instructor.


When Pepperoni and Tortellini Collide

Around our house during the summer months, a cutting board and sharp knife are always within reach. In some cases, they assume permanent residence on our kitchen counter for days at a time. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs – either from our own backyard garden or Nelson Produce – are breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples. […]

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Words They’ve Read: Steve Gordon Jr.

Calling Steve Gordon Jr. a graphic designer only tells part of his story. In fact, it doesn’t even come close. Known best by his other moniker, RDQLUS Creative, Gordon is a constant observer of his surroundings and their textures. His creative client work is various and wide-reaching. His modest clothing line emphasizes clever messaging. And he is unabashedly unapologetic about his ongoing (yet […]

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Candid Camera

heathermccain Right?
About 12 hours ago
kmtierney 'hard row to hoe' @bentompkinsok
About 6 days ago
bentompkinsok the constant gardner
About 5 days ago
misscrowley321 Looks like you're using a metal detector :)
About 5 days ago
bentompkinsok Im looking for treasure...(and dead bodies)
About 6 days ago