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I'm Wendy Townley: writer, radio personality, and journalism instructor.


Big Omaha ’15: A veteran’s perspective

As a Big Omaha veteran who attended all six conferences thus far, I had big questions driving downtown Thursday morning.   Would KANEKO look the same? Would there be any mention of Big Omaha’s history? Would the speakers be engaging? Would I know any of the attendees?   And, perhaps most important of all, would […]

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Want to read more often?

I’ve heard it from others and have said it countless times myself: “I just don’t have the time to sit and read a book.” Listen, we’re all insanely and overwhelmingly busy with any number of professional commitments, passion projects, family and friends, get-togethers, and the like. Our free time flounders in a choppy sea thick […]

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Candid Camera