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Celebrating Handmade Knitted Pieces via Etsy

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The Meaning of Names by Karen Gettert Shoemaker


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I'm Wendy Townley: writer, radio personality, and journalism instructor.


‘Omaha Live!’ Debuts September 27

Satire and sketch comedy are the focus of a new, weekly television show debuting Saturday, September 27.   “Omaha Live!” will air Saturdays at midnight through December, following “Saturday Night Live” on WOWT, Omaha’s NBC affiliate.   The program’s satirical and comedic content, developed by co-creators (and brothers) Matt and Ben Tompkins, is a split […]

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Making Kitchen Cleaning Fun Again

Confession: I enjoy cleaning. I treasure tidying. Putting possessions in their proper places provides a domestic bliss I have savored for years.   But the kitchen? After several hours of cooking – or even a quick dinner of tacos or spaghetti – cleaning leaves something to be desired. The spills and splatters that adorn our […]

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Candid Camera

hartjared Thought it was Townley-Thompson?
About 1 week ago
wendytownley @hartjared Clever.
About 1 week ago
erinomaha Um, lucky! 👍
About 1 week ago
bmo372 Tell Pat to stand up
About 1 week ago
patandjt Ha ha ha!!! I feel terrible that you don't get to see my face, not to mention my muscular frame. I'll change that next time.
About 1 week ago
wendytownley @patandjt Muscular frame?
About 1 week ago
moodstruckbymissy Simply stunning...
About 2 weeks ago