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I'm Wendy Townley: writer, radio personality, and journalism instructor.


The Stress of Yes

Saying yes is easy. Alarmingly easy.   Yes, let’s go to lunch. Sure, I’ll have another slice of cake. Of course, I will serve on that committee.   If you’re anything like me, that last affirmative statement has been spoken even when your head gave you pause.   Sometime during my undergrad years at the […]

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Big Omaha ’15: A veteran’s perspective

As a Big Omaha veteran who attended all six conferences thus far, I had big questions driving downtown Thursday morning.   Would KANEKO look the same? Would there be any mention of Big Omaha’s history? Would the speakers be engaging? Would I know any of the attendees?   And, perhaps most important of all, would […]

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Candid Camera

cafe_mariposa Beautiful!!
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