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The faces and places of Omaha Public Library

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My Ántonia by Willa Cather (1918)


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I'm Wendy Townley: a writer, storyteller, and bestie to two Westies.


The Birthplace of Creativity

Much like wedge boots, leggings, mascara, and protein bars, I was clearly late to the party on this Brené Brown video. It has been viewed more than nine million times since it was posted in 2011.   And while I only watched it for the first time last week (and multiple, multiple times since), its […]

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Letters to Barley: My Next Book

Some nine years ago a handful of essays I shared on my blog were published, thereby taking me from writer to author. Nerdy Thirty was a sweet little book made possible by Cindy Grady, Eric Downs, and countless others. Many of your purchased that little book and told me how much you enjoyed it. Since […]

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