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join us, won’t you?

because you should

it’s coming…

calling all artists

Here’s the deal: My Web site,, doesn’t have much personality. It says “red” and “white,” but it doesn’t say “Wendy.”

How could it say “Wendy?” With a caricature, I say. To those artists out there who read my blog: Would you be willing to do a fun sketch of yours truly, which I could then use throughout my Web site? It would be my logo or icon, if you will.

In exchange for your creative services, I would supply you selections from my extensive music collection.

What do you say?

lazy journalism at its best

This is why I refused to renew my subscription last month. As if I need a huge magazine filled with lists and lists of useless information. No thank you.

Rolling Stone magazine list just latest of the ‘greatest’


Rolling Stone has published a special collectors issue titled “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

Actually, “All Time” turns out to be “the rock ‘n’ roll era.” A panel of distinguished savants – including Joni Mitchell, Ozzy Osbourne and Jello Biafra – voted for their favorite songs, and the accounting firm of Ernst & Young tabulated the votes. And the greatest song of all time is (drumroll, please) . . .

“Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan!

Following close behind are “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, “Imagine” by John Lennon and –

Wait a minute! Hold it right there. Didn’t Rolling Stone do this same thing last year?

No, it just seems that way. Last year, Rolling Stone published “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” And in 2002, it published “Readers Poll Results: 100 Greatest Albums of All Time.” Which came out six months after “The 50 Coolest Albums of All Time.”

Meanwhile, this year RS has published a cover story on great rock musicians – “The Immortals: 50 Greatest of All Time” – and a special issue of rock photographs – “The 50 Greatest Portraits and the Stories Behind Them.”

All of this raises some questions: Is Rolling Stone becoming a nostalgia magazine for aging baby boomers? Or is rock ‘n’ roll a dying art form that isn’t producing new music worth writing about? Or both?

Only 82 of RS’s 500 greatest songs were recorded after 1980.

a pretty great article

On record clerks and the people who love them:,0,1771495.story?coll=cl-music-features

This just in…

A true life article that could make the front page of the Onion.

i’m now 26

Here are a few snapshots of my birthday weekend. The first was taken Sunday, as my grandma (who’s birthday is also Dec. 6) and I celebrated our shared day. The next two were taken Saturday night. Matthew made his signature vegetarian lasagna. Yum!

it’s almost here

At 4:20 a.m. Monday (12/6), I turn 26. I have less than 24 hours to accomplish any tasks while still 25 years old. Problem is, I’m stuck at work today from noon to 5 p.m.

Any suggestions?

i’d want one in pink

Who wouldn’t love to find this little beauty under the Christmas tree this year?

I would :-)

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