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Because Everyone Is Doing It

On the twelfth day of Christmas, wendywriter sent to me…

Twelve hipsters drumming
Eleven eyeglasses piping
Ten books a-leaping
Nine jayhawks dancing
Eight strokes a-milking
Seven daisies a-writing
Six newspapers a-reading
Five andre-e-e-e dubus
Four white stripes
Three bright eyes
Two magnetic fields
…and a beck in a digital photography.

Get your own Twelve Days:

{Thanks to urbanelegend for the inspiration on this one.}

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Christmas Is Coming. Are Your Ears Ready?

Allow me to recommend the perfect Christmas album, Maybe This Christmas.

It’s a compilation album of popular holiday songs performed by a variety of modern musicians.

My favorite track at the moment is “Maybe This Christmas” by Ron Sexsmith.

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I’m Indie. Who Knew?

You Are 69% Indie

You’re a very indie person, and admit it, you look down a little on people who strive to be normal. You’ll indulge in a little mainstream pop culture every now and then. But for you, anything not indie is a guilty pleasure!
How Indie Are You?

{Thanks to marq_manner for inspiring me to take this nifty (and rather meaningless) quiz.}

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Meet Me At Kate’s At 35th

I had the absolute pleasure of continuing my birthday celebration this morning over a delicious brunch at Kate’s at 35th Avenue in Denver.

Starting the meal with a mimosa (garnished with an orange wedge, no less), I opted for a fresh vegetable egg casserole, served with country potatoes and a cinnamon muffin.

Midway through the meal, I ordered up another mimosa and another cinnamon muffin.

By meal’s end, I was stuffed.

We had the opportunity to have the restaurant’s namesake serve as our waitress. And I can tell you that Kate is an absolute delight.

The restaurant is housed in a home she purchased years ago. The true charm of this place can be felt the minute you approach the front door.

The next time you’re in the Denver area, say hello to Kate and her good food.

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It’s (Most Likely) The One Thing Pamela Anderson And I Have In Common

On my return flight from Denver this evening, my purse opened and a few items hit the ground; most notably my cell phone and iPod.

Thankfully, both were immediately retrieved without incident.

However, it wasn’t until I was cleaning out my purse a few moments ago that I discovered my favorite lip gloss — MAC‘s tinted gloss in Viva Glam V — is gone.

{An aside: MAC created the Viva Glam V color for Ms. Anderson a year or two ago. It has become my favorite lip hue in recent weeks.}

I’m most certain the little plastic tube is lying somewhere on the ground of a United Airlines 757 that departed Omaha sometime this evening.

Woe is me.

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Happy Birthday To Me

Two more of my favorite photos, as I near the first 90 minutes of me as a 28-year-old. (I was born at 4:20 a.m.)

A random photo of me as a young pup.

This photo was taken a few years ago. My late grandma and I share the same birthday and always celebrated together. Happy birthday, Maw.

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It’s A Scheduled Greeting, I’m Sure

Would one consider an automated birthday greeting sincere?

Subject: Happy Birthday from The Jayhawks FanPage Board
Date: December 6, 2006 12:09:36 AM CST

Hello wendytownley,

We at The Jayhawks FanPage Board would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

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From The Photo Album

I turn 28 on Wednesday. The pending anniversary of my birth got me to looking through old photos.

These are three of my favorites.

This was obviously taken on Halloween many moons ago. In the photo are my cousin, Renee (she’s holding the plastic pumpkin); her brother, Matt (don’t you just love his staged “scary” pose?); and yours truly, dressed as Strawberry Shortcake.

Here are the three cousins (a few years before my sister, Katie, was born). From left are me, Renee and Matt enjoying the sunshine in our grandparents’ back yard near 32nd Avenue and Vinton Street. Today Renee is 27 and Matt is 30. My, how time flies.

Here are the cousins again, including my other cousin, Shannon (she’s holding the coloring book). This photo was taken during one of my birthday parties in our basement. I love how my cousin, Renee, is doing her best to keep my sister from lifting up her dress for the camera. Even then Katie was an exhibitionist.

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Do You Digg Apple?

If so, you absolutely must make digg / Apple a daily stop. Bookmark this sucker!

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Join Me On iLike

I spent part of my Saturday afternoon discovering the ingenuity, creativity and simple bliss of iLike. I know I posted about iLike before, but it’s truly a nifty application. It’s an add-on to iTunes and MySpace. Plus, iLike helps you discover other types of music.

Here’s my iLike page:

Join me, won’t you?

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