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July 9, 2012  

Home | By Shay Cook


Familiar smells, a sincere touch, and longings that I have so much are home.

A kiss of love, a sister’s smile and giggles from a tiny child are home.

A recipe and baking goods and ladies in the neighborhood are home.

Moments from so long ago, stories told and days of old are home.


A picture frame, the well-lit room, the smell of Nana’s sweet perfume are home.

A rocking chair, the four post bed, and all the words that wisdom said are home.

An evening walk, a growing tree, and those who often think of me, are home.

Loved ones and my friends of course, laughter and a gentle voice are home.


Apple pie, the butter churn, and foods I find I often yearn, are home.

The old yard dog, the front porch swing, memories of so many things are home.

Yesteryears and days gone by, lingering thoughts and questions why are home.


The stucco house, the wooden stove, biscuits that I l learned to love are home.

Mother’s warmth on winter nights and words that make my spirit right,

On Sunday morn’ the preacher’s prayer and lots of hugs when I get there are home sweet home.


About Shay Cook

Shay Cook has been writing professionally for over twenty years. Among her literary credits are non-fiction articles and poetry published in The Quill, Prominent Voices in Poetry, Writer’s World, Office Professional Magazine, Chips Off the Writer’s Block, Black Cat Poetry, Yesterday’s Magazette, Shadow Poetry, and numerous Poetry Anthologies. Cook is the recipient of the Tampa Tribune Letter of the Day Editorial Award, The Hillsborough County Library Cooperative Lit Wit Poetry Award, and the Circle of Poets Award. 


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