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American Cancer Society Relay for Life

I’m working to raise $100 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fund-raiser.

Please make a donation if you can.

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The Sunday Night Blues

I’ll admit it. I’m having the Sunday Night Blues at the moment. I’m thinking of all the other things I could accomplish tomorrow besides going to work. And this article from isn’t helping my situation.

After devouring a bottle of Budweiser, three slices of hamburger pizza, a few cookies and a bowl of raspberries drowning in vitamin D milk earlier today, I’m now debating heating up a few hot dogs.

Is it Friday yet?

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Is She? Isn’t She?

In less than 30 seconds, they’ll find out if they’re parents.

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Ding Ding; Ding Ding

An observation: The Ding-Ding Man, known in more socially elite circles as The Ice Cream Man, is the only man (or woman) who can proceed through residential neighborhoods at a foreboding 10 miles per hour in a dated conversion van ringing a bell with the hopes of luring children to his (or her) window.

Any other “yahoo” (to quote an adjective borrowed from my former editor, Ron Petak) doing such an act would most certainly elicit panicked phone calls from concerned citizens to their local police department.

Put him in a van marked with pictures of ice cream: The Ding-Ding Man. Put him in an early-80s, unmarked Chevy van, Chester the Molester.

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Let Me Give You My Card

I’ve always had business cards for my full-time jobs. And, to be honest, they’ve been pretty blah.

But now, for the first time, I have business cards for the creative life I live (and love) outside of my 8-to-5 world.

May I present to you a photograph of my new business card. UPS delivered 100 of these little beauties this afternoon, straight from the fantastic company

I’m über-eager to start handing ’em out, so please ask for one the next time we run into one another. Nothing would make me happier than to fork over my creative abilities to you, designed with me in mind.

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50 Bulls**t Jobs

Who knew? Being a blogger came in at No. 11.

Read on for more!

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But Who Is Doris Roberts?

You may enjoy these three, rather brief emails between me and my sister, who works for KOCE in Huntington Beach, Calif.

From: Katie Townley
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 3:44 PM
To: Wendy Townley
Subject: OH MY GOD!

I just met Doris Roberts! She’s sitting here in our lobby in front of me right now!

From: Wendy Townley
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 3:51 PM
To: Katie Townley
Subject: RE: OH MY GOD!

I’m sorry to be an idiot, but who is Doris Roberts?

From: Katie Townley
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 3:55 PM
To: Wendy Townley
Subject: OH MY GOD!

The grandma on Everybody Loves Raymond.

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Children And Alcohol and Will Ferrell

If the thought of a toddler who swears is even remotely entertaining, please, I implore you, view this short movie starring an afro-headed Will Ferrell.

It may bring you to tears, it is that funny.

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‘I Love My Job!’

Piggy-backing off yesterday’s post, this Dr. Seuss rhyme seems most appropriate.

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Serenity Now

After days like today I must remind thy own self: It’s only a job. It’s only a job.

I’m reminded to recite this mantra each time I now look out my window. My neighbor across the street either suffered a nasty fall or had some type of surgery. He no longer can walk on his own.

In fact, his wife just slapped a hand written “For Sale” sale in the front window of his red and black pickup as he looked on, seated in a lawn chair and wrapped in a light blanket.

Their granddaughter just asked, “Why are you selling the truck?”

I couldn’t hear the response, but I’m sure it wasn’t a comfortable one to deliver.

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