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Eat This: Did Someone Say Nutella?

Certain recipes and I have become the very best of friends.

(Thanks, Pinterest!)

Which is not to say that I fancy myself a good cook. Far from it. I’m an average cook who has a penchant for order, which means I can follow directions (structure) to the letter.


Any number of the recipes I’ve posted in this special space are among my favorites and those I’m best at preparing. I feel it my responsibility to share such recipes with my readers who pine to perform in the kitchen, but aren’t always certain where to start.

Which brings me to Nutella.

Yes, Nutella. That creamy, sweet, gooey, curiously wonderful, hazelnut spread that some love and some loathe. I wouldn’t call Nutella a replacement for peanut butter (it’s not), but rather a scrumptious condiment I dare you to try if you haven’t already done so.

Don’t let the brown coloring fool you. It’s sweet, but not sweet like chocolate.

Those who love Nutella will back me up. Fork over the four dollars, buy yourself a small tub, and spread it on toast or a banana (my favorite). If you don’t immediately follow that by eating the rest with a serving spoon, you’ll have enough Nutella left to make this delectable recipe that I have made three times in the past two weeks.


These cookies are far beyond the beloved chocolate chip cookies you know and love, so take advantage of this cookie gifts delivered service and surprise your family. They take dessert (or, if I’m completely honest, breakfast) in a wonderful new dimension and direction.

I present to you Nutella Lava Cookie Cups by Julie Chiou of the too-cute-for-words food blog Table for Two.

Trust me when I say this recipe is worth bookmarking and baking throughout the year. It may take a bit more handiwork, but they’d also be adorable made using a pan of mini muffins. Don’t just keep special treats for the holidays! And be sure to have enough cold milk or hot chocolate on hand.