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A Gathering of Newbie Knitters

Knitting and I have become the very best of friends since my mother-in-law showed me the ropes in December. Since then, knitting has evolved into a craft, hobby, and opportunity to gift pieces for family and friends.


Connecting with other knitters around the world (thanks to Google, Instagram, and Twitter) has been a lovely byproduct. When seeking inspiration for a new style of scarf, pot holder, coaster, or even a blanket, I grab my iPhone or my iPad and start searching.


Sharing the progress of my pieces has been another great way to connect with knitters half-a-world away. Yet with the reach social media provides, it’s often easy to forget that friends and family mere miles away are knitters, too.


And if they’re not, they’re eager to learn.


That was the case earlier this spring. Updates and photos of my latest knitting projects yielded not only likes and kind comments, but requests to learn this longstanding craft. The more I thought about my small circle of knitters – at the time it only included my mother-in-law and my cousin – the more I realized that an increase of local knitters could mean more inspiration and more gatherings. (And if tasty snacks and beverages accompanied our little knitting parties, all the better.)


Which is why, last Saturday, I opened my home to a handful of lovely local ladies who yearned to learn how to knit.


We began with the basics: understanding the relationship between knitting needles and yarn, casting on, and the common knit stitch. (Well, actually, we began with a few nibbles and refreshments that my cousin, Shannon, and I discovered on Pinterest: corn dip, party popcorn, white sangria, along with chocolate and vanilla macaroons from Trader Joe’s.)


The knitting lesson began after snacks were shared and introductions were made. Two of my friends knitted once before but suffered, as Beth comically described it, “knitting amnesia.” After a few starts and stops, my friends (and now, fellow knitters) were helping each other learn, stitch by stitch.


I was struck by the contrast of it all. While my twenty- and thirty-something friends texted and tweeted during our get-together, they (and I) were forced to put down our phones to learn a craft that easily dates back hundreds of years.


From the excitement of learning and the talk of new knitting projects, I’m pleased to report that my cozy knitting circle has now grown by six. Later in the evening on Saturday, I delighted in seeing tweets and photos that displayed the progress of my fellow knitters. It seems they have thus far found success and even caught the knitting bug. Further proof that it’s truly contagious, in the best way possible.




























Editor’s note: I wish to extend a special thank you and round of applause (when I’m not knitting, of course) to Lion Brand Yarns, the sponsor of today’s blog post. Lion Brand Yarns provided each newbie knitter with needles, two skeins of their signature Thick & Quick Yarn, a tape measure, and a tote bag. Lion Brand Yarns is a wonderful resource for new and seasoned knitters alike. Follow @lionbrandyarn on Twitter, subscribe to their blog, and connect with the company on Facebook and Pinterest.