Midwest Dilemma Joins Simon Joyner, Paleo at O’Leaver’s Pub

Midwest Dilemma Joins Simon Joyner, Paleo at O’Leaver’s Pub
Concert preview written for band Midwest Dilemma (March 2007)
By Wendy Townley

Omaha – The stripped-down, soulful sound of Midwest Dilemma, the musical project turned full-time passion of Omaha singer/songwriter Justin Lamoureux, will perform with legendary lyricist Simon Joyner and wandering troubadour Paleo at O’Leaver’s Pub later this month.

Like a summertime slow dance at sunset, Lamoureux effortlessly combines lyrics and music at a pace akin to melodic prayer with fellow musicians Elizabeth Webb (vocals, clarinet) and Clark Drinkall (vocals, violin).

For the past three years Lamoureux has traveled the highways and byways of Canada and the United States, bringing with him Midwest Dilemma’s messages of family, love, redemption and hope to audiences of all ages. His experience on the road continues to influence his music.

The March 19 show with Joyner and Paleo is another page in the ever-growing book of Lamoureux’s live performances.

“I am honored to be sharing the stage with Simon Joyner,” Lamoureux said. “Simon’s influence on music alone, matched with his talents as a well-respected musician, will make March 19 a night to remember.”

Joyner will perform at O’Leaver’s following a stellar career that continues to move forward. Last year Jagjaguwar released a collection of Joyner’s singles and compilation tracks, Beautiful Losers: Singles and Compilation Tracks 1994-1999.

Beautiful Losers is literally every song I gave to labels putting out compilations who asked for a song, and the few 7” records I did during that time period,” Joyner said. “Nearly everything on Beautiful Losers is either out of print or difficult to get and I had people requesting that I put it all on one record to make it easy for everyone.”

Joyner describes Beautiful Losers as “pretty fun. It covers various sonic territories, from sparse bedroom sputterings directly into a tape deck, to multiple track recordings with other musicians.”

In November 2006, Joyner and his band, the Fallen Men, released Skeleton Blues, also on Jagjaguwar.

Although Joyner will be playing with a smaller ensemble for this show, the Fallen Men on his album features Omaha musicians Dave Hawkins, Mike Tulis, Alex McManus, Lonnie Methe and Chris Deden.

About Skeleton Blues, Pitchfork said, “The Fallen Men feverishly work the bellows, pumping these seven overcast tracks full of unruly rock dynamism. Though their spirited presence virtually ensures Skeleton Blues to be the noisiest album in Joyner’s catalog, it also leavens the bleakness of his visions enough to also make it his most approachable.”

Since 1993, Joyner has released albums on various independent labels, including One Hour Records, Sing, Eunuchs!, Shrimper, Brinkman (Netherlands), Wurlitzer Jukebox (U.K.), Tonguemaster (U.K.), Secretly Canadian, Truckstop, Seagull, Unread and Jagjaguwar.

Show Details
Midwest Dilemma will join Simon Joyner and Paelo at O’Leaver’s Pub, 1322 S. Saddle Creek Road, Monday, March 19 (2007). The 21-and-over show begins at 9:30 p.m. Cover: $5. Visit www.myspace.com/midwestdilemma for more information and tour dates.